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Our Team of Affiliates

Becky Johansson


Becky Johansson is a Priestess of Rhiannon and an Integrative Psychotherapist.  This means she is lucky enough to marry together the love and joy and deep transformational body/energy teachings of Goddess with a grounded knowledge of the psychological and emotional development of human experiences.
She is passionate about supporting and empowering people; with whatever choices, work, healing, reflections, they want and need to make for themselves.  She feels as humans we need other people to be the reflection, to be the mirror, to facilitate, to witness, to hold, to weep with, to laugh with.  It is her honour and her privilege to do this work, it is her Priestess path as well as her life path.

Becky qualified as a psychotherapist in 2008, since then incorporating somatic, bodywork and breath-work into my talking therapy.  She is also an eco-therapist, taking people outside and working powerfully with nature, both in one to one sessions, as well as with groups.  Becky also does a lot of work with PTSD, and works closely with the LGBTQIA and Poly communities.

In 2014 Becky was strongly called by Goddess Rhiannon and although she already had a deep connection with Goddess as Gaia, Mother-earth, this was a different energy.  One that called her to open up other parts; release body shame, reclaim her sacred body and sexuality, to learn and understand many forms of love and energy healing.  Most of this was with Rhiannon and the Magdalene Mystery School, but Becky also studied with ISTA, Soul Healing, Massage, and Emotional Release Training with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Kathy Jones. Since then she has both assisted and co-taught on the Rhiannon Training as Priestess Initiate. Becky has been Priestess and Ceremonialist at both Glastonbury Goddess Conference and the Goddess Conference Australia, as well as running workshops and holding ceremonies through-out the year in both countries.


Becky Johansson


Bliss Russell is a Priestess of Rhiannon, multidisciplinary Holistic Practitioner and Facilitator. She combines her devotional presence and love for Goddess with the creative integration of naturopathy, energy therapies, bodywork, trancework and shamanic healing. She works in community with the principles of Social Permaculture and Sacred Activism grounded through training with Starhawk.
She weaves her therapeutic talents through varied practice settings including spas, alternative health clinics, and palliative care. Bliss finds that healing happens when clients are able to be themselves in a supportive environment, and is known for her light-hearted, empathetic space holding and gentle humour.
Bliss first qualified in 2001, and has undertaken additional study in traditional healing modalities from around the world as well as academically. She specialises in working with people with cancer and life limiting illnesses (and their families) from diagnosis through to end of life care, as well as working to support parents and supporters through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester. Bliss is a classically trained singer and sound therapist, offering healing sound baths using voice and crystal bowls, often collaborating with other musicians to create all-night dreaming soundscape temples. She devotes her free time to gardening, yoga, and pilgrimage to sacred sites.
In 2015 Bliss began making trips with Katinka Soetens to ancient Goddess temple sites around the world, and has been lucky enough to visit Crete, Egypt, and Malta as part of these tours. Over these trips she built trust and friendship, finding a community of Goddess-loving people and a principled mentor in Katinka. She joined the Priestess of Rhiannon training in in 2017 and has not looked back, finding a natural affinity with the practices of the Field of Love and devotions of the Sacred Sexual Priestess, which dovetail into her work with Sacred Sexual Union facilitation and Esoteric Tantra.

Pia Gaia


Priestess Pia Gaia is as an initiated Avalonian Priestess of the Goddess with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple ( and Priestess of Rhiannon, through the Magdalene mysteries school uk.

Motivated by her global travels studying spiritual activism and environmental sustainability with Star hawk (  alternative community design at Damanhur ( and regenerative culture with Gaia Education (, amongst other eco villages and spiritual communities she’s visited, she now resides in her birth country of Australia, after living in her ancestral home of England for 7 years.
Raised in Goddess community in Melbourne she is a initiator of Gaia’s Garden (, Growing Goddess Community; the House of Gaia collective (, working at the intersection of spirituality, environmentalism and Social Activism;  Gaia’s Garden Journeys (, sacred journeys for women connecting to Goddess through ethical travel, and the Gaia Temple (, The first Melbourne based temple and intentional community dedicated to Gaia, in all forms as Earth, Goddess, Community.
Priestess Pia currently lives at the Gaia Temple in Melbourne bringing Goddess rituals, womens circles and Rhiannon workshops to Australia, whilst providing soulful social media management and online/computer tutelage to women.
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