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Blessings as the land begins to awaken to spring and blossom celebrates the longer day length, and the blackbird’s renewed song at dawn and dusk heralds in new beginnings.

I love this time of the year when the first fragile green breaks open on willow and thorn trees. Cheerful yellow daffodils echo the sunlight’s bright gold and the beauty of magnolia and prunus against the occasional pale blue of the sky, opens the heart in wonderment.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

For me there are many new beginnings this springtime. This is the first year in which Marion van Eupen and I are the organisers of the Goddess Conference, the fabulous and world-renowned weeklong Goddess celebration pilgrimage in August. Filled with ceremony, art, music and a cornucopia of amazing presentations and workshops, this great international meeting of Goddess loving people from all over the world is a privilege to help create and hold in Glastonbury.

Do check out our Goddess conference website and come and join us, for a fringe workshop, a few days or for the whole weeklong event.

Magdalene Mystery School

As part of the development of the work as Priestess of Rhiannon, I’ve placed the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Love training under the umbrella of the Magdalene Mystery School, taking it out of the Temple Teachings container at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.
I’d like to express my gratitude for all the support I have received from the Temple, all the joy of working within it’s embrace in the many years the training has run there. This really is an expansion of MotherWorld enterprises and a growing out, like the new shoots on the trees, and the Glastonbury GoddessTemple and Magdalene Mystery School will remain mutually supportive of each other.

It is time to make this work of the Path of Love more visible and more inclusive of men as well as women.
You can read more and apply to the trainings here.


If you are drawn to the Path of the Priestess of Love and long to reclaim serving Goddess, come and join us at the Magdalene Mystery School for a journey of empowerment, transformation, celebration, self love and greater awareness while deepening your connection to Rhiannon, learning to serve Her and walk Her Path of Love.

How to become a Dragon Rider

I’d love to draw your attention to this new 10 month training, which starts in September 2017.
Dragon is not only the hidden mythical animal form of Goddess, it also holds the places of our authentic power as our sacred sexual source energy. Dragon can hide in the flame of desire or roar in the shadow fear based behavioural patterns we all carry. To initiate is to stop being trapped by our Dragon, to persist demonising her and stop becoming Dragon slayers, but instead to face the Dragon and learn through tantric practices, integration of our inner masculine and feminine and deep shadow work in a mixed group, how to become Dragon Riders once more. I am excited to be developing this journey through the conscious and unconscious houses of our psyche into empowerment, and hope you will be able to join me.

Before we embark on this journey you may want to attend one or all of the three taster evenings that I will offer throughout the summer in Glastonbury.
It would be lovely to see you there if you can make it on May 30th, July 29th and September 4th.

I also have been, and shall continue to bring, Dragon Rider workshops to other countries as well, but for you to get the full benefit of this powerfully transformative work of integration and initiation, you’ll need to experience the process of the whole course.

You can read more about How to become a Dragon Rider here

To celebrate Spring and the turning of the wheel this equinox, I would like to offer you my audio recording of an Adoration of Rhiannon

Adoration is contemplation of the mysteries and in this case, an alignment to the ecstatic essence of Rhiannon as the present and felt Goddess of Love. It is a form of living prayer and expresses the ecstatic bliss in the merging with Her mystery that is both formless and form. Adoration was a part of our ancestors’ worship and expression of their spiritual paths in all parts of the world. We are remembering and re-awakening to the power and bliss of this practice.

When you listen, close your eyes, let images come, and feel the presence of Her essence within and all around you as we celebrate Her.


With much love and well wishes for the blossoming of the new in all aspects of you life